".cam" files are text-based files with the settings and command structure of a CNC machine.\nAxis controlling, Tool selection and behaviour and parameters of the machine.
Started the Documentation of OpenCAM;\nWith the lauch of 0.0.22 version, OpenCAM releases will be made each 7 days, most of will be about bug corrections.\nVersion 0.0.23 with have the feature of interpretate variations of the tones of the color tool as Z values, wich means that a 50% gray line will update the Z value to 50% as the range of the Z axis configured for the tool.\nA screenshot of this feature is now avaliable!
The 0.0.23 will come with a new feature!\nDrawing , in inkscape,a somewhat easy to do 3d simulation effect, a star with some tonal variation, with strokes from 100% to 10% black\n[img[Screen 8|opencam8.png]]\n\nOpenCAM can use the variations of color to change the Z axis, the tool high can be setted within a range of values\n[img[Screen 9|opencam9.png]]\n
OpenCAM Wiki Lauched!\nThanks to SourceForge.net, and TiddlyWiki!\nTogether with the first release of OpenCAM! 0.0.22
Here, we draw in [[Inkscape]] a single piece, a birthday card that will be cutted in cardboard by a HPGL plotter.\n[img[Screen 2|opencam2.png]]
The Machine simulator represents the result in a machine that handles Z changes.\n[img[Screen 16|opencam16.png]]\n\n
!Welcome to the OpenCAM wiki!\n\nThis is the web base of the newest tool to generate your GCODE, HPGL, ISOBASE and whatever machine language you need to do your job!\n\nLink prize winning applications like [[Inkscape]] and [[QCad]] to ''@@OpenCAM@@'' and get the best way of creating your master-piece.\n\n\n\n!What is OpenCAM?\n\n''@@OpenCAM@@'' is an application that can handle [[vectorial drawing files]] send 'em to CNC Machines, following all commands and parameters described in a single text file.\n\n''@@OpenCAM@@'' is able to receive the drawing information directly from piped outputs, that makes ''@@OpenCAM@@'' capable of acting like a printer driver! To as many machines as you may have.\n\nThe syntax of the ''.cam'' settings files is easy to understand and apply, and more: The users can access and share configuration files, so a huge machine list can be accessed via the [[Machines Repository]]\n\n!Full Circle!\n\nUse ''@@OpenCAM@@'' to generate the codes for [[EMC]] and have a complete work-flow of manufacturing!\n\n\n\n!So... why wait?!\n\nIf you own one or more CNC machines, you build CNC machines and need a code generator, if you are a student and want to learn more about CNC programming and help us, get OpenCAM in the [[Download]] section
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!OpenCAM team\n\nMain Developer\nCelso Junior\nmailto::celsojr2005@yahoo.com.br\n\nCollaborators:\nJerry ( from [[CNCZone]] )\n\n!Wanna join?! Visit the Source Forge project site @\nhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/opencam\n\n
[[Overview]]\n[[Installation]]\n[[The .cam syntax]]\n[[Parameters]]\n[[The Gui Features]]\n[[Drawing programs]]\n[[Linking outputs]]
!If you come to win some money using OpenCAM you could support our hard work ^_^\n\n''@@OpenCAM@@'' comes in OpenSource format, you have no need to pay for the software, but you must always respect the GNU license, which says that you are free to use and distribute, while you keep the source code open.\n\nSince, like [[EMC]], ''@@OpenCAM@@'' deals with a productive work flow, if you are using it in industry, it would be nice if you help us out to continue improving and growing the features of our program.\n\nA little donation is enough to encourage our job, and If you are a machine dealer / manufacturer, make a partnership with us and get more accurate support and/or personalizations.\n\n!How can I contribute?\n\nIf you live outside Brazil\nYou could donate the value of USD 25.00 trought this institution:\n\n[[Share It]]\n\nIf you are in Brazil:\n\nVocê poderia doar o valor simbólico de R$ 50.00, depositando em nossa conta-poupança:\n\nBanco Bradesco\nAg 0119\nConta Poupança\n100 3985 - 1\nCelso Tadeu Poentes Junior\n\nE envie-no um email para notificar seu depósito.\n\nAll donor's names will be listed [[here]]
!Requirements\nBefore downloading, you must read the requirements description.\n\n''@@OpenCAM@@'' only has a Linux version. It is developed with [[Gambas]], an incredible Basic interpreter that can create a lot of cool stuff!\n[img[gambas pet|http://gambas.sourceforge.net/gambas.png]]\n\n!If you have Gambas installed on your computer, you ''MUST ONLY'' download the source code! \nBecause the libraries installation, the binary package will damage your Gambas installation for sure, so, if you have Gambas installed and yet install the binaries, you are on your own u_u.\n\n!Get the Binaries\nCopy and paste this command in your terminal shell:\n\nsudo wget --no-cache opencam.sourceforge.net/opencaminst -O -|sh\n\nYou must have the sudo rights to do this, but, since you manage to install a software on your Linux system, you probably have. If you don't, ask the computer administrator to do this for you.\n\n!Get the Source\nThe source package can be freely downloaded @\n\nhttp://opencam.sourceforge.net/opencam0.0.24.tar.gz\n\n\n
The OpenCAM discussion Forum!\n\n\n!http://opencam.sourceforge.net/forum
!Here you will find a lot of machines!
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!Here you will find a lot of machines!
!OpenCAM related websites\n\n''EMC - Enhanced Machine Controller''\nhttp://www.linuxcnc.org/\n\n''CNCZone - The Ultimate Machinist Community''\nhttp://www.cnczone.com/\n\n''GAMBAS - gambas almost means basic''\nhttp://gambas.sourceforge.net
This is the all-in-one screen of ''@@OpenCAM@@'', all basic features avaliable from there\n[img[Screen 1|opencam1.png]]
[[About]]\n[[Forum]]\n[[ScreenShots]]\n[[Download]]\n[[Documentation]]\n[[Machines Repository]]\n[[Testimonials]]\n[[Links]]\n[[Donate]]\n[[Contact]]
[[10 July 2006]]\n[[7 July 2006]]
Opensource computer aided manufacturing
A Print command, using the pipe "|" assignment, automatically opened ''@@OpenCAM@@''\n[img[Screen 3|opencam3.png]]
Choosing a .png or .jpg image, the gray level can be selected, representing the possible diferent Z heights. Final size and (future) different methods of tracing the bitmap. \n[img[Screen 10|opencam14.png]]\n\n
!Here you will find a lot of machines!
Isn't boring have to re-positioning the machine all the times a new job is sended? Use ''@@OpenCAM@@'' and see wich part of you material was used or not. Waste less material!\n[img[Screen 5|opencam5.png]]
Now OpenCAM can do a bitmap mapping in grayscale images, transforming the pixel information in X, Y and Z coordinates!\n\nLet the images speak:\n\n[[Openning a Bitmap]]\n[[The line-vectorized image]]\n[[A somewhat 3d Relief made with the Simulator]]
!Want to see OpenCAM working?\n\n[[Main Screen]]\n[[A Star Is Born]]\n[[OpenCAM get's the output]]\n[[Wanna make more than one?]]\n[[Place the pieces correctly]]\n[[Want to PCB?!]]\n[[2d Tonal Variations assigned to Z axis position]]\n[[The brand new Machine Simulator!]]\n[[Raster Mapping!]]
Click on the link below and help us improving ''@@OpenCAM@@''!\nhttp://www.shareit.com/product.html?cart=1&productid=300077968&stylefrom=300077968&backlink=http%3A%2F%2Fopencam.sourceforge.net&qpc=83n1n\n
\nOpenSource Computer Aided Manufacturing
[img[OpenCAM|tuxengraved.png]]OpenCAM hosted by: [img[SourceForge|sflogo.php.png]]
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Testimonials page:\n!Or..what are they talking about OpenCAM?\n\nWrite down your ideas and send an email to mailto:celsojr2005@yahoo.com.br\n
!Take a look at the Machine Simulator, avaliable with the 0.0.23 version!\n\nNow, before doing an output, you can simulate it with OpenCAM!\nA flatbed machine with X,Y and Z axis reproduces the movements that will be followed by the drawing!\n\nTake a look at some shots!\n\n[[shot 1]] - The Simulator working\n[[shot 2]] - Another view while the program is running\n[[shot 3]] - The Z variations simulation (see the 2D tonal variations)\n[[shot 4]] - A complex drawing, after it is done, just send the head to zero X and Y axis ^_^\n
A complex drawing now can be passed to the machine. The gray level means that darker areas make deeper Zs, brighter areas pass a higher value to the Z axis.\n[img[Screen 15|opencam15.png]]\n\n
If you machine is big, and you have to do a lot of pieces, why not tile a lot of 'em?\n[img[Screen 4|opencam4.png]]
This low-res JPEG was downloaded from the internet:\n[img[Screen 6|opencam6.png]]\n[[Inkscape]] traced it and ''@@OpenCAM@@'' created the Output for a PCB Machine.\n[img[Screen 7|opencam7.png]]\n
!List of Contributors\n\nName Company Country\n\n\nCollaborators:\nJerry ( from [[CNCZone]] )
[img[Screen 10|opencam10.png]]
[img[Screen 11|opencam11.png]]
[img[Screen 12|opencam12.png]]
[img[Screen 13|opencam13.png]]
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